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Harry Seymour Art Blog

From First Dance to Political Dance

by hseymour , January 21, 2010—08:26 AM

Topics: African American, Harry Seymour, Michelle Obama, Obama, President Obama, first dance, political

From First Dance to Political Dance

President Obama__™s first year has ended. Wow! It began with so much enthusiasm and excitement. An electrifying inaugural ball and the first dance set the tone. Here I show that ___First Dance,___ an 18 × 36 egg tempera painting in which the First Lady adroitly grabs her dress from behind preventing President Obama from stepping on her train and stumbling. What a perfect metaphor for a dance of another sort " a political dance where the President has had to maneuver between the aspirations of the left and resistance from the right. In this ___political dance___ stumbles are inevitable, but as with the First Lady™s protective lift of her train, those around the President must be more alert and anticipate political mine fields as the President enters his second year. It begins with doubt and trepidation but the promise and regard for our President remain high.





01/21/2010 * 15:09:21

Well said Harry! Too bad you couldn't paint a picture of success that we all wish for the President.


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

01/21/2010 * 12:38:21

The painting is utterly lovely and the metaphor interesting.

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