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Harry Seymour Art Blog

Is it oil or acrylic?

by hseymour , January 4, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: African American, Harry Seymour, Martha's Vineyard, beach, children

My recent works tend to invoke the question- are they oils or Acrylics. My reply is neither since I work in egg tempera. I__™m trying to achieve a painterly and impressionistic look commonly seen in oils or acrylics and never in egg tempera. My aim is to apply egg tempera in such a way that it looks painterly and impressionistic. I favor this approach because I think it injects energy and interest beyond more direct representation. But, I do not want style to detract from the essence of what I am trying to depict. In ___Shaking it out___ I have painted a rather common event of a little girl on the beach shaking out her towel, and yet, it is this action that interested me. She is an African American child who has dried herself from the ocean__™s water and will soon bask in the Martha__™s Vineyard sun. How privileged is this descendant of slaves and by this very act and the manner in which it is painted, she is set apart.




  Jimmie Bartlett ( homepage )

02/21/2010 * 14:02:44

Howdy Harry,

I have been following your paintings on wet canvas and find your work in egg tempra very interesting. When I first saw your work posted on wet canvas site, I thought it was done in oils. The little girl in Shaking It Out is lovely. I am looking forward to seeing more of your paintings. I wish you great success with your art and this blog.

Jimmie Bartlett

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