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Harry Seymour Art Blog

"Arrival" is a scratchart etching

by hseymour , December 20, 2009—06:04 PM

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___Arrival___ is a 16×20 scratchart etching depicting the arrival of a ferry boat to Martha__™s Vineyard. Beneath the boat cars are carried and the large doors open as the boat approaches the Island. This piece was done with a straight pin and a fiber glass brush-a process called scratchboard art. This medium consists of three layers; a firm foundation, a layer of white clay coating the surface of the foundation, and a layer of black ink covering the white clay. As a base or foundation, there is a factory prepared masonite board designed specifically for scratchboard art. Images are created by ___scratching___with sharp etching tools such as knives, pins or even fiber glass brushes which was prominent in the creation of ___Arrival.___ The completed work is treated with a fixative that protects the surface and allows the etching to be framed without glass.




  james kowalczyk ( homepage )

12/23/2009 * 22:34:50

Harry, you must have the patience of Job along with an obvious dedication to a unique artform. Very inspiring!

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