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Harry Seymour About

I produce egg tempera paintings and scratchart etchings. My method of painting is unique in that I do not follow the classical egg tempera procedures. Rather than layering small brush strokes with very fine sable brushes I use a variety of brushes from sable to synthetic to bristle. My brush action is more of a ___pat___ than a stroke, similar to ___pointillism.___ In this way I can achieve soft edges and blending properties not easily achieved with the traditional methods. The resulting work yields the illuminating beauty for which temperas are known, but also has a glowing pastel-like quality. 14 comments


Harry N. Seymour, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus of the Department of Communication Disorders at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He served as Chairman of his department for 12 years and as an Adjunct Professor of Linguistics prior to his recent retirement. Since his retirement Dr. Seymour has become an award winning artist whose work has been greatly inspired by the beauty of Martha__™s Vineyard. His African American background influences the unique compositions and subject matter represented in egg tempera and scratchart renderings. His art is currently being shown at the Craven Gallery in Vineyard Haven, MA., and LeLegance Gallery in Oak Bluffs, MA.


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