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Even Though trained in painting with a B.A, from UC/ Riverside I have always been most interested in drawing and in particular, figure drawing. I like to combine a baroque approach to form with an appreciation of the gestural calligraphy of the mark born of Abstract Expressionism.Currently active with The Drawing Studio in Tucson. 3 comments


In High School I had been sure that I would working as an adult in the sciences. At UCR I switched to an Art History major, and then in my senior year the University added a studio art major. Having already taken 5 classes in painting and drawing, I found I could add a studio art major by going 2 additional quarters. I failed to develop a sense of myself as someone making images for others to see. My experience in both painting and drawing had been completely about the moments response to the subject and the physical experience of working with the materials on the surface of the support. Although I followed graduation with 1 1/2 years at ASU taking more classes in the Art Department. I really just continued working in the same way. I have only recently realized the nature of my point of view and understood that it is valid. At the drawing Studio, I am endeavoring to bring my work up to a professional level.


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