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Claude Jacques Art Blog

Claude Jacques Oil Paintings For Hope Through Cancer

by hope , February 19, 2013—02:31 PM

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"Original Oil Paintings" by Claude Jacques, a French Canadian Artist inspired by cancer. All the different paintings have a reason why they were chosen. When facing mortality, reality sets in and brings out the true facts and joys of life. Everything is seen in a better perspective. These paintings are accompanied with a certificate of authenticity, along with the story behind it. The stage 3C Cancer diagnosed in his wife inspired them to reach out to others that were on the same journey in life. The ultimate Painting "Hope Through Cancer" is in the making and prints will be available on this page. Each painting sold contributes to providing either a home made quilt by his wife Faith, or a print of the journey mentioned above at no cost to those that are fighting cancer and going through treatments, with the intent of encouraging and offering HOPE to those on the journey. For more info go to home





02/28/2013 * 09:52:28

please forward me the new paintings for review


  Armand James

02/28/2013 * 09:20:09

A very good cause to paint for, and nice job!

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