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I am a full time wife, mother,and grandmother. I work nearly full time as an RN as well, but I find great satisfaction and refreshment in creating pictures of His works; i.e. the beauty the Lord has surrounded us with. My hope is that I can share whatever gifts He has given me with others. 2 comments


I am a native of Wisconsin, so much of my inspiration is readily available around me in the varied lanscapes of my state.

I graduated from Edgewood College in Madison Wisconsin in 1993, completing the college experience which started for me at the University of Wisconsin 25 years earlier. I did not major in art, but always had a desire to create beauty. However family, career and other community activities kept me from pursuing even the most rudimentary attempts at painting until a back surgery in 2004 "forced" me to slow down.

During that recovery period of 6 weeks, I believe that I was led by the Lord to begin to paint. As a child, I had dabbled in oils, but now I began again in acrylics and chose to paint portraits of my children, grandchildren and gradually the loved ones of those I work with or know from the community. I found that if I kept my focus on passing on a gift in the form of the painting, I found great satisfaction in the process. I also did some commissioned paintings for strangers during that first 2 years.

This past summer, my husband and I happened onto a "Spring Art Tour" in our area. Local artists were opening their studios and showing their work. I found I was intrigued with the works of Susan Klabak, who creates beautiful pastel paintings. I made a decision that day to try my hand at pastels and have found my medium of choice in them.

The idea of advertising and making my pictures available on the internet is a new one to me. I'm still finding my way, but thoroughly enjoying the process!

I decided to name my gallery on this site, "HisOwn Works", because my inspiration is the natural world He created around me,and my abilities are a gift from Him.

My desire is to share His love with you.


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