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Hernan Restrepo About

For Hernan Restrepo, to remain painting is a way for him to be honest to himself, he believes that as long as he continues to paint he will be a step closer to finding peace of mind. Add Comment


Hernan Restrepo is the son of a Colombian family. He has been living in the U.S from the age of 12, and has always credited his art classes in high school as the main reason to not dropping off high school. Though Hernan spent nearly 10 years before attending college, he never lost his interest in painting, during that time he participated in multiple art exhibits in the Stamford Area though various organizations. Though Hernan has taken some basic courses on painting, he believes the act of painting is a self taught process and that as an art enthusiast one never stops learning.

His favorite subject matter usually involves the human form, however, he's not concerned with an accurate representation of the human body any more than he is with visual narrative. Similar to actors in a play, Hernan relays on the painted figures as a means to communicate diverse emotions; his compositions usually involve settings that reflect his memories growing up in Colombia and he relays on other artistic expressions such as folkloric music and poetry as his source of inspiration.

Currently, his aesthetic influences come from the Neo-Classical period of Picasso, the paintings of Amadeo Modigliani and Diego Velasquez. Hernan is a graduate from the University of Bridgeport, where he earned his BFA in Graphic Design, which helped him to develop a stronger sensibility for design standards which he has begun to implement into his paintings.


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