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Helena Bebirian About

Children's book illustrator and artist Helena Bebirian shows an array of whimsical color in her work. She enjoys bringing her magical creative illustrations now into children's book by bringing her author's words to life. Helena began her passionism of art doodling as a child, winning local awards, as well as in her handwriting. Add Comment


American born, Helena is first generation Armenian, with a vast love of multiple cultures. Her hopes are to encourage and connect with the children of the world to continue into the arts. Helena states, 'Our children are of beauty,innocence and love, and may that always be contagious.' View many other passionate works by Helena on her website: and feel free to comment and sign her guestbook.

As a passionate artist and colorist, Helena would like to extend forth a newer image of Armenians and artists...for when someone views her personal artwork, and if it brings a 'smile' to their faces...then she feels that she has completed her promise.

Helena is a free spirit and love all that is tactile in the world. Very creative ideas and are willing to take risks. Always loves to imagine and create.

Helena wishes to become a combination of the great artists as Johannes Vermeer( master painter for the use of light in his works) and Pierre Bonnard(master painter for his intense use of color, small brushmarks and close value).

Helena visits schools, libraries, and bookstores enthusiastically speaking to young readers about their journeys and to always maintain that sparkling glimmer of our own hopes and dreams. Please visit her website: and sign guest book.