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Harriet Cowen About

Harriet Cowen's artwork spans decades and many themes. Her chosen medium is Pen and Ink with Watercolor. The drawing is completed first, in great detail. The watercolor washes are added afterwards. Harriet resided in Virginia, and is also widely recognized in Maine, where she grew up, and in Ohio, where she raised her three children. Her children and grandchildren now manage her large collection of works, making sure her legacy lives on. Harriet passed away in October of 2008. Add Comment


Award-winning artist, Harriet Cowen, grew up in Maine. There she learned early on the rewards of applying ones self and accepting responsibility.

During those years she enjoyed sketching whenever time allowed. She always wanted to be a "drawera". In school there were no art classes but with an ability to draw she enjoyed recognition and encouragement. In high school she played violin in the orchestra and was concert mistress on the All-Maine Orchestra, receiving a scholarship from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Music Education. For two summers she played in a small instrumental group she had organized to supply dinner music at a hotel in Kennebunkport, Maine. In the fall she was off to Wichita, Kansas as a music teacher and member of the Wichita Symphony Orchestra. It was there that she met and married her husband, also a music teacher.

While their three children were growing up her husband encouraged her to enroll in a correspondence course at Art Instruction Schools in Minneapolis. Four years later she graduated with many honors, winning national art contests and exhibits.

When her husband passed away she turned wholeheartedly to her art as a means of support. These were not easy times but things worked out well. Her "Home Portraits" became synonymous with her name and her originals hang in hundreds of prestigious homes throughout the U.S.

Pen and Ink has always been her chosen medium with watercolor washes added for color. Although the two mediums demand quite different techniques, combining them gives her the desired detail and beauty of color that she seeks.

The many originals, awards and hundreds of prints are a testimony of her following throughout the country.


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