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Hans van der Werff Art Blog

Lighthouse Illuminated

by HansVanderwerff , August 11, 2009—12:00 AM

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New venture into watercolour painting coupled with an appeal for lighthouses had me sitting in front of this Nova Scotia lighthouse. Colours didn't appeal to me so I created my own.




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

08/12/2009 * 23:34:57

The whole scene looks absolutely bathed in light. Very nice.


  June Mack Maffin ( homepage )

08/11/2009 * 19:46:53

Love it that you created your own colours for the lighthouse, sky, grass, house! You say you're "new" to watercolour painting ... wow! Looking forward to seeing more! Continue taking liberties with colour, texture, composition. Well done. ;-)

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