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Rita Aneshansel About

I am a native of colorado. I am also a self taught artist who has been painting with oils for only about seven years.I have shown some of my work at the greeley civic center.I love painting and have even been teaching my grandson,who I might add is now painting above me.I have also donated some of my art to hospice in colorado for auction.I have also sold as many as thirty pieces to people I have met and and know personally.I have a few people collecting my art.One person has already bought 4 pieces and looks for me every year to see what I have that is new. Add Comment


I was born in colorado and absolutly love it. I am married and have three children and five grandkids. I am in my early 50's and left my job to paint and sell art.I have aways loved to draw and paint but did't get serious untill about 7 yrs ago. One of my favorite artist's Bob ross "said you are only limited by your imagination.That really woke me up to the real reason I want to paint. So I hope some of you like what you see. I plan to keep painting and go as far as I can with my art.


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