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very small in a huge ocean

by HandcraftedArtWorks , September 2, 2010—03:18 PM

Topics: choker, collar, lace, romantic, victorian, wearable art

i am brand new to this "game"...and am finding that i am a very small seed is a huge ocean of artists! this is very overwhelming...and in some ways, depressing. how can i have a chance to sell my things in so vast a selection? i do not have the inclination to do a lot of "selling"...and mostly, because i do not know how. i have no clue where to start, what to do to sell myself, or where to go from here. If anyone out there would like to have someone to mentor in this arena, here i am.




  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

09/02/2010 * 20:20:02

It is overwhelming isn't it? The last statistic I read was that there are 140 trillion art related sites. The good news is that the vast majority of artists with web sites either don't have the information they need to market themselves or they don't want to put in the time necessary. That reduces your competition by quite a bit.
The even better news is that you have an ArtId site. The ArtId blog is packed with articles on all aspects of self representation on the internet. You also have a whole community of artists at your fingertips ready to give you sage advice so feel free to leave comments on their blogs and in their guest books.
An email to will get you in touch with yours truly and other ArtId staff ready to help you out.
You have already done the hardest part...getting started with a website and a blog. Stick with it,it gets better all the time.

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