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It's April

by hajco , April 22, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Techniques, health, oils, vision, watercolors

Here we go again, it's "Blog" time. Since losing some of my vision from a stroke last July 4th, it has been a real struggle with colors and getting what I want to create down on paper the way it should be. I felt the only way to rectify this very bothersome situation was to forge ahead by pushing myself with my water colors. It is a tough medium that requires great concentration and proper movement of brush stokes. Once you apply your color on paper, it is there to stay. No trying to change it. If you do, the colors will get gray and muddy. Your creation will be a gift for the waste basket. It is not like painting with oils on canvas where if you don't like the color or shape of "whatever", you can paint over it and continue with your piece.

Water colors basically involves wet on wet, wet on dry and dry on dry techniques. Wet on wet involves loading your brush with diluted water color and applying it onto a wet surface. Wet on dry is accomplished with loaded diluted brush applied to a dry paper. Dry on dry is using colors direct from the tubes onto brush and applying it onto dry or sometimes slightly damp paper. Some pointers: use one or two of the techniques. I like using all three. That is the way I was taught at University of Illinois years ago.

Did pushing myself help me? I think so. My vision has improved quite a bit. I can control what I draw; and colors get onto the right spot on my painting. All this shows up in the twelve water colors that I have produced. They are limited reproductions,signed and matted for sale. This all adds up to one thing, if you get knocked down, get up, give yourself a kick in the butt and move on. All for now.



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