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Summer Health Issues

by hajco , October 2, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: books, collage, health, oils, sketches, therapy, vision

It's "Blog time" -- On Father's Day, it hit me. I was taken to Lake Forest Hospital Emergency by my wife, Bobby, as I couldn't stand and walk a straight line. The same thing happened the day before and I was sent home after a few tests. This time, I was hopistalized for five days taking a jillion tests and reaching the conclusion that I had had three slight strokes. Lucky me, no noticable damage. So I was released. Great!

Early in the morning, July 4th, I was again at the emergency room and again admitted into the hospital where it was found that I had two more slight strokes. This time my vision was impaired. My right field of vision is gone. I now have a "blind spot" in both eyes which has considerably slowed up my painting, reading and writing. Otherwise, I am fine. The hospital Physical Therapist fired me after two weeks. She felt I was doing fine - I am at a slower pace. No one seems to know when or if my vision will come back. Have any of you out there had any experience with vision problems? If you have, some feedback would be much appreciated. In the mean time, I am quite confident that my original vision will return to their original normalcy within time. "Nuff" said on this subject.

I have had lots of time to think in the last two months. I have increased my 30 musicians in action to 35 sketches with a blurb for each one. I feel there is enough material now to publish a book, maybe.

My other thought is on promotion and launching "This is your Life" - no not a readio or TV show. It would be creating highlights of one life on canvas and oils. It would show by use of symbols your enjoyable times, happenings in past years, your hobbies, love of certain activities. They would be achieved by use of color, a bit of architecture, boats, shoes, mountains, what ever influenced your love of life, all tied together to make one great painting that will proudly viewed on your wall. What do you think? Contact me, if you are interested in giving it a try.

I have already proven that it can be done as a result of two commissions completed in the past. One was for a young couple from New Jersey who wanted a painting for over the mantel of their massive fireplace on the center wall of their family room. They wanted something different, something that would stand out, but also blend in with the room decor. It was decided that story would start with their engagement by illustrating green emerald on top of rock pile, then something showing collected item purchased on their various travels, a golf ball symbolizing love of golfing, a sail boat for her love of sailing, both their love of skiing. It was all tied together with use of color and pattern of the room window drapery. The 30"×24" horizontal canvas came out as a real attractive, restful piece that became a center piece for the room.

The second painting was commissioned by a group of Chicago Policemen that wanted something different and original to present to the widow of one of their fellow officers killed on duty.This was a tough challanging job, but I came up with the officers life. The painting depicted his love of Chicago showing a bit of Navy Pier and a silhouette of the Chicago loop, his love of his job showing the blue whirly light of a police car and his police badge with his love of the Cubs showing the sign of Wrigley Field entrance, his love for golf and playing in Florida by showing golf background with flags plus palm trees and last, but most important his wife and three children sillouetted on a rock looking out at al the above from the lower left of the painting. There you have it.

Anyone out there who wants something different personalizing and appealing, contact me. I am sure I can fulfill your expectations in a new, powerful way. Tell me what you want to spend and I'll tell you what I can produce. Send an email or phone 847-372-0639.




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

10/03/2009 * 20:56:01

After your Father's Day and Independence Day, you much have been glad that August was a holiday free month! I'm glad to hear that you are doing well and raring to go with new projects. I think creative involvement makes a positive contribution to good health--perhaps its waking up every day with something to be excited about.

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