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Working with metal, specifically 'copper' is a daily adventure. ___I like to think that I am creating impressions of history etched into each piece.___ Working with an uncooperative substance can be very challenging. Trying to balance the manipulation between the material and atmospheric elements is complex. The process is ___internal__™ and the imagery is derived from memories of living in the woods on Cape Cod. My work is reflective of my ___soul__™. To honour trees is to grasp life . . . ___They are constantly occupying my thoughts.___ Van Gogh Gail now resides in Southern California. Add Comment



Gail Taylor grew up in New England. _ Though not far from Boston, she

lived outside the city in a wooded area where she developed a lifelong

love of nature, which has always been at the base of her artistic


As a teenager she learned from her aunt, who was very creative, and

how to make wreaths from natural products found in the woods.

However, the greatest influence in her younger years was her mother,

who taught her self-reliance and imbued her with a strong work ethic.

As an adult she lived in various parts of the US, finally settling for

many years in Diamond Bar, California. _ There she attended Chaffey

College and raised a family. _ Also, during this period, she rented one of the stone cottages formerly utilized to house migrant workers at the

Fillipi Winery in Guasti and converted it to her art studio. _ Here she devoted herself to painting and drew support and inspiration from other painters and sculptors who also had studios at the winery. _ Some of those artists are still among her closest friends.

Then came the unexpected.

One day, a merchant in Guasti gave her a generous supply of surplus

copper sheeting. _ She had learned a little about etching on copper at

Chaffey, so she took the copper sheets, bought some acid and other

supplies, and started experimenting. _ Today, Gail is a well

established artist with an extraordinary body of work that combines

her love of nature, as expressed in so many of her designs, with a

stunning and exciting amalgam of color, texture and composition. _ She

has created a genre of her own.

Gail now maintains a studio in the desert near the Santa Rosa

Mountains, where the strong sun and the desert colors have added a new

dimension - not only to her art itself, but also to the technique and

the processes. _ In the extreme heat of the Coachella Valley her

materials behave differently. _ Fortunately for art-lovers everywhere,

Gail applies herself daily to her work, creating in

temperatures over 100F. _ Always on the quest for something new and

different and even more exciting.

Gail Taylor's prolific works can be found in galleries around the

country, in private and corporate collections, estates of private

patrons, and in contemporary interiors.


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