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Gregory West About

Greetings - I am a watercolor and pastel artist working in the impressionist/realist vein. Primarily landscapes of local(NorthWest) and European locales. I am influenced by the Impressionists and the art of Andrew Wyeth. The quality of Light is everything. Add Comment


I began painting with acrylics and oils, usually still lifes and images from paintings and photos that intrigued me.

While attending the U.of W. I took art classes as a minor degree. My most memorable class was a watercolor session with George Tsutukawa, noted sculpter and professor. He really turned me on the impressionists and the freedom of the medium.

Folllowing this, I spent many years hiking and exploring the Northwest bounty of mountains and extraordinary landscapes found everywhere.

Out of my love of this environment, I eventually channelled my love into a career in landscape design and a special interest in the art of Bonsai.

Thru all this, the quest for that elusive quality of light drives me to sample techniques and continue to explore the wonders of watercolor.


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