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Tzvi Greenwald Art Blog

Never Ending Story II

by GREENWALD , January 15, 2009—06:20 PM

Topics: Tiberias, eucalyptus, transparency, trunk

After the success of the first painting based on the photograph of the eucalyptuses next to Tiberius, and following the widespread enthusiasm for the left tree, I decided to concentrate on the two trees especially on the left one in preference to the view behind them. I worked on a large paper (21" × 16") and I went into detail with regard the trunks of the trees. This painting is several standards higher than the first painting. The colours of the trunk are extremely persuasive. Everyone who knows eucalyptus trees promptly pointed out their delight from the authenticity of the tree. This was achieved by employing the better medium of watercolours above any other medium. The transparency of this material allows layers of colours where every layer can be perceived under the layer above it. Following the great deal of enthusiasm from this second painting, I have decided to paint a third work.



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