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Lance Gray Art Blog

Waiting For The Sun

by graylance , May 13, 2010—04:22 PM

Topics: Shrimp dock..Ft Myers…

For the better part of my adult life I have lived on the Gulf of Mexico. To supplement my art I worked for 10 years unloading the shrimp boats that fished those waters and I came to appreciate the hard work and pride those proud people exhibited, they actually inspired me to pursue art full time as I am doing today. I owe so much to them and this painting is about there struggle to continue a way of life that has served their families for generations. Today that way of life fishing the waters of the Gulf of Mexico is in jeopardy not only from high fuel prices but also from the oil that is polluting those fishing grounds. This painting was originally done on discarded wood found at the shrimp docks where I worked and today it still finds life as a giclee' canvas print.




  Warren Thompson ( homepage )

10/26/2016 * 19:39:43

Great story and thanks for sharing your passion.

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