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In 1998, fine artist Louis Romita began painting with a vengeance. Initially, he worked into the wee hours putting china marker to paper. Fascinated by size and texture, he went on to explore and experiment with paint sticks and acrylic on canvas and wood. Mr. Romita brings a strong sense of self to his work. Each piece bears witness to his unique experience and emotional imagery. His demons and delights, his pain and pleasure do battle on his canvasses. Influenced by Basquiat, Pollack and Rothko, Mr. Romita is also attracted to the vibrant colors and visceral rhythms of Haitian and African art. This is evident in the explosions of color and bursts of movement in his work. One critic noted, ___Mr. Romita has the uncanny ability to turn folk art on its ear, and then scream in it.___ Full of primal life and infinite contradictions, the oversized canvasses of Louis Romita mix his personal icons, arcane messages and brilliant colors. At once, his work challenges, seduces, pleads with and, ultimately, provokes the viewer. Add Comment



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