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Trudi Doyle About

I find that the themes which currently arise in my work include the beauty of nature ,a love of freedom and movement, __" positivity, spirituality and thoughfullness. Freedom of thought is an important theme for me. I want to leave space for the viewer to imbue my work with their own ideas, so I will offer ambiguous, dreamlike images for this purpose. I like that others can find infinite meanings to my work, and there are no right or wrong answers. I sometimes create internal worlds within an image as in ___Tree of Life___ I put a lot of time, energy and detail into the pictures. I hope the viewer resonates with that, and is challenged to remove themselves from their current situation and immerse themselves in the parallel world I have tried to create, leaving them invigorated or rejuvenated, even if just momentarily. 1 comment


Trudi specialises in Watercolours and also works in Acrylics, Oils and Pastels Her work is in public collections in Ireland and very many private collections, throughout the world from New York to Hong Kong including Oscar winner Sir Ben Kingsley__™s . Her work has also been published as illustrations , book covers and has won many prizes awards and commissions .

Trudi is well known in Ireland, she works from her studio in Ballyconnell on the Carlow Wicklow border where she has created a centre for the arts __"__™Bunbury Art Studio,__™ providing art weekends and creative workshops from April to October. She also tutors painting in Tuscany and the South of France


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