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George Whitfield Guestbook



  Joyce V. Farrar

03/27/2010 * 16:08:50

am so proud of you for your art work... so happy you are now finding time to do what you have always loved... saw Katie Grace's portrait at Chris's...look forward to seeing some of your showings... went a couple of weeks ago to see some of Dave Bennett's work...was given one of Jack Dawson's paintings last!!! we are surrounded by artist friends.. love ya from Wendell and I


  Janice Eppard

03/25/2010 * 23:39:19

I still have some miniatures you carved out of wood that were amazing when you were in Carterville, MO. I always knew you were an artist.


  Lea Abbey

10/28/2008 * 14:15:17

Wow! I have always wanted to see your work and now I can. It's just beautiful- what talent you have :-)

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