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Geoff Rushton About

I like to experiment with new techniques and materials to create sculptures unlike anything anyone's ever seen before. I'm constantly bothered by how so much art copies other art, so I try to create entities as opposed to sculptures, plants and creatures, not images in 3D, I strive to create something that breathes! I work mostly in wood, but also with wrought iron, copper, stone, glass and paint to name but a few and am constantly looking for new methods and materials to explore. The vast majority of my resources come from re cycled and found objects, I like to start with something that already has interesting qualities, a story of it's own, before I spill my thoughts upon it to create a mixture of both me and medium. Add Comment


Born in 1986, I grew up on a family farm in North Yorkshire, England.

After school I went on to study 3D design blacksmithing. Shortly after finishing, however, I injured my back quite badly meaning I was unable to smith.

After a long period of despair, I turned to stone carving, which requires much less back movement. Techniques which I learnt with stone translated to wood and I soon found myself exploring and experimenting with a myriad of techniques and materials, the exploration and synergy is now the main focus of my work.

After my first exhibition in august 2010, I was absolutely blown away by the attention my work received, in the aftermath I quit my job and am currently setting out on my journey as a professional artist.

Art is my life, my body and mind are simply tools, created to create.

My life will now follow my art, wherever it takes me.


Hammerton farm,
north yorkshire
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