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I am a silver and gold smith, and also a wire sculpture, most of my images on this site now are "Wirer Wraped" pieces but I also Metal Smith as well. Add Comment


I am from North East Illinios, 23 years old, and i have been creating this kind of art for the last three-and a half years. I wouldn't fully call what i do makeing jewelery, because i don't use and produce a normal style of work. I manly use natral stones were no treatment, cutting, or alturation of any kind has taken place. From there i find ther crystals most beutiful natrual angle and present So that the crystals true beuty can be displaid. Everything is hand picked by me from most Mines Representitives so that I know were everything comes from. I use Fine silver, sterling silver, and gold if requested. All peiceses have a garenteed 1 year warenty on any posible damage that might happent to it(plus cost of material). I take greate pride in being able to make talesments like these. I iam greatfule to all who saport me in what i do, and for that my work can go on being made.


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