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Gail Butler Guestbook



  Mary Exline ( homepage )

06/20/2014 * 09:22:27

Hi Gail once again,
I love the "Wine abd Cheese Social" with the 3 mice. It is so fun. You are so creative full of imagination. I have other things to do today, but just want to sit here and look at all of your paintings.
Mary Exline


  Betty Fogg

12/23/2013 * 07:25:59

Gail, Where should I start the joy that comes from you the talent that flows from those God gifted fingers and of all the words you share to help lift us up. Thank-you for your wonderful work, I love all of it.


  Mary Exline ( homepage )

09/18/2012 * 15:17:13

Hi Gail,
Once again I am here to thank you for such wonderful inspiring photos of birds, flowers, the bluebird with a frog in his mouth, the albino hummingbird. All of them whether mentioned or not are delightful.


  Joy A Coates

04/12/2012 * 23:00:23

Love your paintings, I was wondering if you have any street scenes?


  Linda Fraine

02/02/2012 * 19:32:30

Love your work. You do such variety. very nice to see. colorful and fun. thank you for your comments on my art. I am new to this site and still looking around. I have had good conversations with artists and staff already. I think I like it here:)



11/24/2011 * 16:42:37

Thank you for the nice comments. I love your acrylic pieces, especially the magnolia one. Tour photograpy is great also.


  Michael Lynne ( homepage )

11/09/2011 * 11:09:52

Thanks for your kind words regarding my work. From the looks of your site which is very creative I am in good company!



  Mary Exline ( homepage )

11/05/2011 * 23:58:35

Hi Gail,

That is gorgeous, the new photo of the butterfly you added to your site. You caught it at just the right time.


  Mary Exline ( homepage )

09/25/2011 * 19:55:54

Hi Gail,
I really appreciate your encouraging remarks. I was hoping for a comment like that and you came through for me.
Thank you, Mary.


  Mary Exline ( homepage )

07/17/2011 * 16:50:28

Gail, I enjoyed looking at your work. The painting, "Beach LItes" is quite interesting. I also enjoyed looking at the others in that group, and they did make me smile. Thank you for your work.


  Dee Callahan ( homepage )

02/13/2011 * 12:33:21

Hi Gail,

I'm back here again because I just saw your black and white "Twisted Tree".
It is a wonderful representation of mother nature at her finest! Thank you~

It also reminds me of a tree that I call " The Knarly One", that I photograped on Coronado Island, in California. Although it is in color,it too is a wonder of nature~ It can be viewed in my "trees" gallery~ Best regards, Dee~


  Dee Callahan ( homepage )

02/05/2011 * 02:49:35

Your beautiful photography is appreciated by another avid photographer! Thanx for sharing~ Butterfly Photography is wonderful~


  Pat Schuler

10/29/2010 * 15:43:00

I love all your work, but wanted to comment particularly on "Admiral's Harvest" The admiral must have his farm up here near the Peaks of Otter, because that surely looks like them in the background. I wish all the folks up here in the Bedford/Smith Mt. area could see that one. They'd love it!


  Adele Castillo ( homepage )

08/29/2010 * 19:33:03

Gail, Your artwork is joyful, vibrant, clever. I enjoy every inch of your paintings.


  Jenny Lowe

08/22/2010 * 13:34:34


Me & William just went through all of your pictures and paintings. His favorite was the picture of the bluebird and the painting of the dog finding the newly hatched baby bird.
I love them all, but really like the sunset and waterfall pictures!


  Joyce Cochran

02/07/2010 * 15:04:01

Gail, excellant work, Looking forward to seeing more.


  Harry Seymour ( homepage )

01/18/2010 * 17:29:55

I think your work is first rate. You are very talented.


  Anne Thomasson

01/16/2010 * 08:40:47

Having known Gail for years I have had the pleasure of seeing much of her art. She continues to grow as an artist as is evident in this display of her work.


  Cathy Lucas

12/29/2009 * 11:30:58

The art is wonderful, so colorful and uplifting.The play on words is creative and unique. What a treasure of art.

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