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Gail Butler Art Blog

A Global Crisis

by gbutler , February 1, 2013—12:00 AM

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This is a painting I created as a tribute to the Sandy Hook tragedy, and to all the victims of the senseless violence which has occurred in 2012. My heart was broken, this was my way of dealing with it. Here is my poem./.... Global is the crisis, Of shattered innocence, Young lives taken all to soon, It simply makes no sense, A season meant to celebrate, Disrupted by the horror, Angels called to comfort, Such a deep, deep sorrow, I pray the innocents laughed, As they marched into heaven, When Jesus greeted them, And thanked them for what they'd given.

Today is February 1st, and I am adding some information regarding this painting. My Mother-in-law took a print of this piece to church with her one Sunday in early January to share with her friends and several of them wanted a print. I decided to use this piece to help the families who lost so much on December 14th by sending the profit from each print to assist them in their recovery. I also wanted each family to have a print,should they want one. I submitted the piece into the January/February All Media Show at Crossroads Art Center here in Richmond, and it recieved an Honorable Mention, giving it some publicity. A family member provided me with the contact information for the Grandmother of one of the children who was killed, and I sent the first 26 prints of the painting/poem to her to distribute to the families, hoping the work brings them a little comfort. I also requested she send me information on where to send the proceeds, I hope to hear from her soon. Should any of my readers want a print of this painting, I am selling them for $10. The prints are photographic prints, proffesionaly done. I am offering the prints both of the painting alone and of the painting with a black border and the poem. The prints are signed and numbered. To date I have sold 21 of the painting alone and 6 of the painting/poem. One of my artist friends posted this on Facebook; Someone who works with their hands is a laborer, one who works with their hands and their mind is a craftsman, and one who works with their hands,their mind and their heart is an artist. My heart was definately in this piece. Life goes on for all of us, but their lives are forever changed. I pray for them every day, and I pray we can learn from this tragedy and put an end to the senseless violence which occures on a daily basis. Thank you for reading, God bless you and yours.




  joyce butler

12/31/2012 * 19:18:36

I think it is Beautiful.

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