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Gail Butler Art Blog

Morning Sun

by gbutler , October 9, 2012—07:20 AM

Topics: Magazine, art, photography, sunflowers

Greetings! I am posting this later than I should have, but "art" has been keeping me busy! This is one of the many photos of flowers I have taken during the summer of 2012. It is a sunflower I grew from seed, and its opening was highly anticipated! While I was admiring its beauty, a little goldfinch snatched one of my flower's petals. I quickly grabbed my camera and took this photo. A smart move, because by the end of the day the petals were all but gone! I posted the photo on Artid, where it was seen by a very lovely lady named Nina Ulloa, publisher and editorial director of The Showcase Magazine. She chose my photo for the cover of her magazine!!! It is a beautiful publication and she has been delightful to work with. Check it out at! The work which has been on the covers is displayed on the website, if any of my artist friends out there feel they are a good fit , send her an e-mail. She is always looking for new art!




  Tereza Ordyan ( homepage )

04/05/2013 * 15:19:16

what a lovely life-like photo, looks 3 dimensional, well done


  Millie Smith ( homepage )

10/14/2012 * 09:38:00

Nina has already taken one of my paintings for the holiday cover. The Little Church in the Wildwood. She must have seen it here. I sold the painting last year, but got a picture of it from the owner. She is so nice and I am thrilled about it. It looks like a great magazine. I saw your picture on it. She contacted me about it.


  Rona Black ( homepage )

10/14/2012 * 08:08:22

Congratulations, Gail!

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