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Gail Butler Art Blog

Hung Out To Dry

by gbutler , August 5, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: political landscape money…

I painted this piece last year. While at first glance it looks like a lovely country scene, there's a lot going on. I hope you enjoy reading my poetic description!

The big white house sits on the hill; It's occupants discussing each proposed bill; Today is wash day, clothes hung on the line; Let's see who's hung out this time.; There's a maids dress and a blue collar shirt; Overalls,an apron,"Keep that flag off the dirt!"; The basket is full of those who've cried foul; And some who threw in the towell.; Her pockets are stuffed with special interest groups; And lobbyists seeking personal loops; The rat at her feet has a loan to sell; He knows it's no good, but what the hell.; Pink slip in hand, hope in his heart; That young man needs a new start; But the well has run dry, they took it all; Big men who just couldn't fall; Little Miss Market holds on to her bear; She's left the bull hidden somewhere.; The farmer tries to repair his soul; As he slowly digs his way out of a hole.; There goes the eagle, mighty and strong; Taking our jobs to India and Hong Kong.; A storm is brewing, the clouds are black; Who is gonna 'Have our back'?




  Carolyn Weltman ( homepage )

08/05/2012 * 23:12:03

i love both your painting and your poetry. thank you so much for sharing them.


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

08/05/2012 * 16:00:48

Interesting combination of political comment, humor, and skillful painting!

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