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Gail Butler Art Blog

Dog Days Of Summer

by gbutler , August 19, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: dogs pets water swimming…

Hello all! The heat of summer has reached EPIC proportions in some areas of our country (mine included), so here's a little something to help your brain think of cooler things!

Let's all go to the waterhole; On a hot summer day; Bring along your furry friends; We'll frolic and we'll play. As the temperature rises; We'll escape the summer heat; We can completely submerge; Or merely dip our feet. Our pups can chase a ball; Or fetch a well thrown stick. We can swim or take a nap; You can take your pick. The sparkling water beckons; Refreshes body and soul; We can find a new lease on life; When we visit the waterhole!



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