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Gail Butler Art Blog

Crab Pickin

by gbutler , June 6, 2011—08:19 AM

Topics: beach crabs party family

Hello everyone! In honor of the begining of summer my next post is based on my 'Crab Pickin' piece. This painting was recently purchased by a loving father for his daughter's room. He told me he wanted something happy and bright, and this piece filled the bill!( I gave him a copy of the poem to go with his puchase.)I hope you enjoy the poem!

The family gathers by the shore, Beneath their bright umbrellas; To reunite and socialize; To discuss the other fellas. They brought their coolers and their floats; They brought fishing poles and kites; They've settled in for some fun; To last into the night. The crabs are cleaned and ready; For a hoedown to commence; They take their places one by one; On their instruments. Do you think they'll really play?; Or is it all a joke?; I know delicious they would be; After a butter soak!



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