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Gail Butler Art Blog

Broken Dreams

by gbutler , February 3, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Dreams, sculpture, unemployment, work

Generally, as fans of my work are aware, I create pieces that represent the brighter aspects of life. However, creating art IS a means of working through our life and dealing with what comes our way. I created this piece as a tribute to my husband of 20 years, and all of the other hard working Americans who have been swept away in the financial collapse which has occured in our country. The company he worked for closed,unexpectedly, and 500 individuals were out of work. This happened two years ago today, which is why I elected to post this on this day. The figure in my piece is a steel-blue, his jaw is strong, his hands are broad, his shirt sleeves rolled up, ready for hard work. He gazes down at the fragments of his broken dreams in his hand, and is surrounded by them. He rests his other hand on his heart, a pained expression on his face. I am sure there are many who can identify with the struggle I have represented here. I would love to say that life is all happiness and light, but we know it is not. My hope for all is better times, strength from within and the support of those who love you.





07/25/2011 * 22:33:56

Thank you so much for sharing this piece. I am new to artID and am just browsing. This is a very moving sculpture, and I know how you feel, because our family has also gone through layoffs of jobs that never returned. Broken dreams is an appropriate name and your work certainly captured what so many have experienced.



02/04/2011 * 19:30:57

This is beautiful Gail. You are both always in my thoughts.


  Pam White

02/04/2011 * 14:54:52

While "Broken Dreams" is quite possibly the most beautiful piece Gail has ever created; it represents a huge departure for her. The feelings and emotion that come flooding out when one views this piece are the antithesis of warmth and happiness. Pain, despair and sadness are ever present. She has managed to embody the sense of betrayal and hopelessness all unemployed Americans must feel. This pieces will literally bring you to tears. Created as a loving tribute to her wonderful husband, "Broken Dreams" evokes emotion, conversation and thought; everything art is intended to do.

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