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Gail Butler Art Blog

Little Victories

by gbutler , January 7, 2011—12:00 AM

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Greetings everyone, I hope all of you had a wonderful New Year! I am very new in the world of blogging so forgive me for not posting to my blog sooner,I was unaware that I should continue with what I started! My first show was a wonderful experience, the support I received was stellar and the feedback very positive. While I didn't sell any of my pieces I did sell some prints and in these economic times I consider that a success. Fueled by the adrenalin my solo show produced and encouraged by freinds to 'Get your work out there!' I entered some online competitions. 'Fishy Business' won a Peoples Choice award and was a finalist in the fantasy competition, it is pictured in their new online magazine. 'Dog Days of Summer' won 100.00 on, 'Crab Pickin' was selected to be in Still Point Art Gallery's new publication, and most recently 'Eggciting Encounter' was selected as a finalist in Infinity Art Gallery's animal exibit. I painted the picture attatched to this blog for a fundraiser and it was the first to sell,Yeah!! So ther you have it! I have never been one to 'Toot my own horn' so I am not putting these 'little victories' out there for that purpose.It is the little victories in life that keep us going,encouraging us to contine down our chosen path. Times are hard for most of us, of this I am certain. My own wonderful spouse was unemployed for 18 months and while he has found employment it will take a while to recover. Art is not a staple in the lives of most, it is a splurge, a frivolity we invest in when times are good. Knowing this, I try not to be discouraged when my sales are not as I would hope, but it can still be depressing....especially when the mortgage is due! As an artist I NEED to create, if I don't I am not the person I want to be. I was talking to another artist friend of mine the other day and he expressed the same thought. Unfortunately, when times are hard many of us are not inspired to be creative, the old 'What for!' mentality sneaks in and takes hold. I think we, as artists,are often inclined to see our own value in our work, to equate the sales(,or lack of :)), to our value as a human being.How wrong is THAT! When these dark notions creep in to our thoughts it is imperative we create SOMETHNG, even if all we do is doodle on paper! I find it is my darkest moments that lead me to my best accomplshments.The positive emotions or insight experienced by those who veiw our work is the true value of what we produce. When we create a work another soul admires ,we have created a connection,and that is a beautiful thing. My advise to all is to FEED your passion, seek out new forms of expression, believe the rest will come, and enjoy the little victories, they usually come at just the right time!




  pat schuler

01/07/2011 * 10:11:16

Gail, this is great advice for all of us, not just for fellow artists! It also gives us a fuller appreciation of your work, as we see more of the artist in it. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

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