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Whether I am painting a commissioned piece , one for my own pleasure or capturing the world around me with my camera , I try to create a work that will bring out positive emotions in the viewer. There is so much pain and sorrow in the world , we are bombarded with it everyday . I hope collectors of my work can escape for a little while and smile. All of my works are available as prints in various sizes to suit your individual needs. 19 comments


I grew up in Amherst County, Virginia , surrounded by the beauty of the mountians . I have always enjoyed the creative process. It began with spaghetti sauce on the kitchen wall and time spent with my Poloroid and grew to what it is today.To create a visual representation of the world around me is my passion, it feeds my soul. While I have never been in a position to fund proffessional instruction, God has blessed me with some measure of ability, and that, combined with my desire to learn, has led me to where I am today.

I spent a large part of my young adult life sculpting with scissors in the world of dog grooming. Creating a work of art from a wiggling mass of fur is no easy task, I assure you!

When I had my second child I decided to turn my passion for painting into a home based career, enabling me to spend more time 'creating' well balanced children.

Since I began painting on walls as a child, that seemed to be the best place for me to start as an adult. My first commission as a 'Muralist' was an underwater bathroom ,complete with the bottom of a boat on the ceiling. Since then I have been commissioned to paint 45+ murals, from rainforests to beach scenes to whimsical childrens fantasies.While being a mom was the primary focus in my life, my passion for the arts led me to various endeavors that have proved to be pivotal in my life.With every mural I learned a new technique, I became better aquainted with my chosen medium and it's personality.

I have also done a lot of decorative art, from furniture to handpainted plates and glassware. Pimpernel Corporation picked up a pineapple piece I did and produced it for Colonial Williamsburg a few years ago. My motto has been "If it will sit still long enough I will paint it!".

Every decorative item, every piece of glassware, every wall, presented it's own challenge, it's own lesson.

In 1997 a local photographer asked me to conduct a workshop on painting 'Old Master' backgrounds for their monthly meeting. This led to my introduction to two very dear ladies who have taught me much about the world of childrens photography. I worked with them for 12 years,taking pictures of children in a preschool setting. I loved seeing the smile in the eyes of the little ones as they tried to pop the bubble I was blowing!

Seeking more of a longevity for my work I have turned to painting more on canvas and less on walls. My 'Wordplay' series is an expression of my sense of humor, my desire to 'Look on the bright side'. I like to approach my work much like I approach my life, with a pun and a wink! The pieces in my 'Wordplay' series were part of my first solo exibit which was held in July of 2009.

I hope you like what you see ,I hope it makes you smile!


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