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faith wins the races,faith fulfills the wish

by GAYATRI , November 13, 2007—02:49 AM

Topics: Come, let us transform

When I visited the Holy Ghats of Haridwar,I came across a unique experience,. Thousands of people gathered there fir the AArti of holy Ganges at the Ghats with lighted Diyas. The myth is to float the Diyas, as if submitting your wish to he holy ganges which as per the myth, has come from heaven to wash off the sins of mankind.The peopole of all caste, class and creed but the feeling, the expression just one the FAITH. the whole atmosphere was charged with this faith as if floating on the river of time.It gave a unique insight as if telling that the Faith is the most powerful elemnt, be it any religion any class. it is the faith which works wonders and a piece of stone incarnates as The Ultimate. Then, why not in us & in all that is living or substance let us put our faith and let miracles happen.



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