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Gary Allen Importance of Suitable Geria..

Importance of Suitable Geriatric Home Activities
Importance of Suitable Geriatric Home Activities
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Importance of Suitable Geriatric Home Activities

It is common to see old people at home playing Bingo, watching TV all day, or rolling a ball under their feet. It's no wonder why most of them are bored while their cognitive abilities are failing them day by day. What a waste to see these once productive people spending their time in such activities when the truth is, they still have the inclination to be engaged in things that do not necessarily change at the coming of old age. Even if the family does not put them in nursing homes, it is important to allow them to be involved in geriatric home activities to make their sunset years as pleasant as possible. Benefits of Activities to Senior Citizens The activities stimulate the senses, thus enhancing their physical, intellectual, social, and emotional health. Allowing them to participate actively refreshes their skills and talent they once used to excel in their field of interest. This enhances their self-worth knowing they can still function as useful individual. What's more, being engaged in activities provides them with opportunities to keep in touch with the world and socialize with people. This effectively reduces their boredom, moodiness, and depression. The activities exercise not only the body but also the mind, thereby reducing chances of mental wandering that promotes dementia. Creating Geriatric Home Activities In designing activities for the elderly, it is important to recognize the patient's abilities so that he can continue doing what he likes or what he knows well. Consider using his past interests and put them into the present situation in spite of being limited due to age, fragile health, and mental deterioration. What did the person enjoy doing in his prime? Did he like to use the hands in making crafts? Is he fond of the outdoors? Does he love reading? Is he a member of a club or organization? What sports does he excel in or loves to watch? There are endless possibilities on creating different categories of activities. However, fundamental human attributes such as the following must be included: Physical: These activities use the different parts of the body. Examples are dancing, walking, and simple exercises like Tai Chi or arms stretching. Cognitive: Reading, doing math, playing simple computer games, or object recall are good mental exercises that can improve the faculty of memory. Creativity: Simple hand works like basic painting, calligraphy, or decoupage are activities that will bring out remnants of creative juices in an old person. Communication: Providing opportunities for old people to speak to the phone, greeting visitors, and engaging them in a lively conversation can effectively reduce their tendency to be quiet and retreat to their own world. Socialization: Allowing them to mingle with people apart from the family can make senior citizens feel they still belong to the society. Hosting a tea time party or bringing the old person to parks are ways of letting them meet other people outside the family or away from home. Spirituality: Bringing him to church for worship activities, or allowing him to get involved in charitable works on whatever capacity are ways to fulfill and uplift a downtrodden spirit. Giving an elderly person worthwhile activities to do can improve declining memory and diminishing energy. Families can seek the help of caregivers and other specialists in arranging different kinds of geriatric home activities that can encourage an old person to use his physical abilities, enhancing self-worth, and feeling contented in the remaining days of his life. Of course, emergencies come with the territory. And as an example, an activity could lead to over exhaustion (although the staff won't allow things to escalate to that point). At any rate, don't worry if an emergency arises because of the activities. The staff employed by geriatric homes knows what to do. Most of them have taken up ACLS class to learn about advanced life support. You may visit for more details.