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Garry Pedros About

I was born in Montreal in 1948, I ve been drawing an painting since i was a kid,I m self tought, I ve worked in diferent medioms an stiles but i prefer oil,s 2 comments


I once was a right-handed man. When i lost theuse of my right arm,it took me three years to learn to draw with my left hand.Even then you needed a magnifying glass to see what i had drawn! Buti am stubborn and so......I figured i needed to have some kind of trade and the closest thing that i could come to it was my artwork. I studied and practiced until i could do whatever i wanted.I could paint people places and things. That is why whenever people ask me what i can do , I say, People places an things" . For the past 25 years ive been selling my prints, ink drawings,ink an watercolour, paintings and pastels door to door. Ive sold to a minimum of 20,000 people from all over the world and im now painting downtown Calgary scenes of people and places in oils. Ive had group show in 2006 A sense of TEXTURE" tHE House, Calgary allso in 2006 was picked from a juried show , the arts inmotion project.

1983 Received commission to do two paintings for private Montreal collectors.

1982Group exhibit with arts Carousel at C.N. Tower, Toronto.

group exibit, Toronto City Hall

Group exibit Gallery Eklertic.

1975 Group exibit at Gallerie des Arts, Mount Royal.

1972 Group exibit with Universite du quebec a Montreal.


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