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Gail Komasa About

Fabric art in the form of quilts which can be hung for display or used in everyday life. Add Comment


I learned to sew when I was about 12 years old from my Grandmother. I remember vividly riding my bike to her house on weekends and we would work on a sewing project together on her old Singer sewing machine. As an adult I took years of art classes, focusing on watercolors and acrylics. About 10 years ago I began taking quilt classes at the local quilt shop. I immediately fell in love with the medium and found that all that I had learned about highlighting, shading, perspective, color wheels, etc., from my art classes could be incorporated into quilting. This medium has an exciting visual dimension as well as, the added dimension of texture.

I have entered a number of quilt shows and most recently won Best in Show for one of my quilts.

My passion for quilting can be seen and felt in each of the quilts I present on this website. In addition to what is presented here I create one of a kind, custom quilts depending on the customer's desires and requirements.

Take a peek at what I offer for sale and enjoy!


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