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Gail Daley Art Blog


by GailDaley , November 5, 2012—04:46 PM

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Why Blog? All the Internet marketers say that creating a blog presenting a wide variety of information of interest to your customers, both about your Art, the art world, your local art community and more is a great way to promote yourself and attract visitors to your website. Also recommended is to create a newsletter and write articles on a variety of issues relating to art collectors, buyers and the local art community and distribute it through your blog. Report on the latest happenings in the art world. This is a great way to generate daily visitors to your site. Plus frankly, it______________s a great way to be able to feature your solutions to the issues through links into appropriate pages on your site as part of a report. A lot of the sites I where I have art also have an automatic link to Facebook and/ or twitter. Whenever I blog, I check the automatic update to these sites which then posts a link to the blog. In this way, I save time spent promoting my work. Doesn______________t this sound so simple and easy? Well to my sorrow I found out that Blogging______________s not as easy as it sounds. A little like thinking you can do a major remodel of your house without any construction experience just because you watched some home improvement show! Oh sure, I can write the blogs no problem; however finding a blog site I can use and setting it up turned out to be harder than it looked. Then I discovered each Blog post had to be promoted with the same stuff I was using for my art on my website (SEO, etc.) At first I tried two of the best publicized: Google Blogger and WordPress, and I do confess the Google Blog Tiger has eaten me. Both Google and Word Press do say you can start out free and then upgrade which I was in favor of as I didn______________t know for sure which site was going to work for me. A year later and after many frustrations and downright silly mistakes, I paid Google the $10/year fee for my domain name and succeeded in losing my entire blog. When I loaded a blog up on Google after the upgrade, it showed as long as I had the Google Blogger open, but as soon as I closed it, the blog disappeared and the message ____________"no longer in use_____________ appeared on the site. To the best of my knowledge, any blogs I created there went into LaLa land! I have tried in vain to find the domain name I paid for without success and Google is NO help whatsoever. Google______________s tutorials are awful and their help forums never seemed to cover what I need. Google has no e-mail contact for customer service so you can______________t ask them to do research and find your blog. I tried the search site without luck. The idea of not having a customer service contact seems to be a recurring theme with independent blogs as I encountered the same issues with Word Press whom I no longer use for the same reason. Am I the only artist who can______________t find a blog that is easy to sign up for and use? There are lots of free sites out there in the wild and wooly internet, but Baby it______________s a jungle out there! A lot of the free artist sites do offer a free blog along with the free web page, but their blogs don______________t seem to get much traffic except internally; however some of them are making improvements with this issue; notably interfacing with Facebook and Twitter. I generally blog on multiple web sites for the same reason I have art on those sites; exposure, exposure, exposure. I have rated the sites I use from 1 to 10, with 10 being highest. Site Name Rating Share Features ArtId 8 Over 50 share options, including Linkedin ArtistSites 3 none Fine Art America 3 none Fresno Arts Net 5 Facebook & Twitter Gail Daley______________s Fine Art 5 Facebook, twitter & Google My Space 5 Facebook, twitter,tumblr & Google 3 keeps losing blog Sell-Arts 3 none The biggest issue I have encountered so far is actually the twitter/Facebook link; sometimes I end up with multiple tweets or notices to my Facebook page about the same blog. I try and avoid this by not putting the same blog at the same time on every site (I have a chart! Yes I had to make a chart to keep track of where I was posting what). I also have a blog on my print store and my site for original art as well as the local art network. Why do I use several blogs as well as web sites you ask? I do it because it increases the chances of someone new checking out my blog and then maybe going on to buy my art. Let______________s face it; we all have favorite sites where we look for things, so by using several different sites it increases the potential of reaching more prospective customers. The free sites were definitely more user friendly than the stand-alone sites like Google and Word Press however. I also recently tried AtContent, another Blog site. They were actually a lot of help in constructing the actual blog, and they also allowed me to tell everyone about it. However, I discovered to my sorrow that the blog link they had me use was blank. When I clicked on it after a complaint came in from a LinkedIn user, it too said, ____________"Blog not found_____________. Instead, I have been uploading my blogs onto my web site, closing the site, and then going back to the site and promoting it by using the Facebook, twitter and Google+ sharing methods I installed. Very Cumbersome, but it does work. I also always upload to ArtId because of its fantastic sharing abilities (the list shows about 50 different network sites!) and it is the best for blog sharing. The real solution to blogging jungle of course is for all the sites to add more sharing options and for Google Blogger and Word Press who do draw a lot of traffic, to actually install customer service links (NOT links to those useless user forums!). Their site designs are beautiful with lots of features, but they DO need to add customer service. Good Luck! Gail



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