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Gail Daley Art Blog

Art in the libraries

by GailDaley , January 13, 2012—03:24 AM

Topics: California painter, Fresno artist, Traditional time-honored…, abstract artist, art, art exhibits, art shows, award winning art, culture, libraries

Historically, libraries have always been centers of arts and culture for society. Even though we artists might not make a lot of sales displaying our art in the libraries, our contributions to the art and culture of the area is immense. When we put our art in the library, we not only remind the public what talented, creative artists live here, but how much we care about the community as a whole. One of the things we contribute to our community as artists is culture. By displaying our stuff in the libraries, we bring art to life for the general public. Although it is not directly about sales, one of the ways that we artists in Fresno and Clovis convince the buying public how wonderful is our art and photography (and indirectly to buy that art) is the development of a reputation for being a center of art and culture. Sometimes we have to give before we can get.



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