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Gail Daley About

GAIL DALEY FINE ART specializes in unique, exclusive art for the office and home. 5 comments


I am a self-taught artist with a background in business; for many years, I worked at the IRS and when I retired, I took over the office management of my husband__™s pool service company. For many years, I have done my own promoting and marketing of both my art and for my husband, developing our own advertisements and brochures. I am president and newsletter editor of Clovis Art Guild. As Director of Art-Tique, I publish an on-line newsletter concerning local art events and I find places for local artists to show and sell their work.

As an artist, I concentrate on the interconnected relationship between humans, nature, and the strong bonds between humans and animals. I focus on the bonds between man, nature and animals because I think God created all of us to be part of a whole, not just individuals. While our individuality is important, equally important is our connection to each other. I feel art should have an emotional impact on the viewer. I do not care how technically perfect a painting may be: If a painting does not evoke some type of emotion, to me it is not art;. For myself, I also prefer my art to say something positive. We owe it to ourselves not to spread gloom and despair all over everyone! There is enough of that out in the world without artists celebrating it!

Since I am a ___starving artist___, I work out of my home. I have a husband of 39 years who takes me to beautiful places to paint while he pans for gold, a son who writes juvenile fiction, and 2 cats.


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