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Foothills Art Association Guestbook



  Sharon Magana

10/07/2015 * 23:02:38

Thank you sharing your site Bob. I wish I had been more attentive but next year I certainly will. I have a friend who is an accomplished artist and will pass this on to her.


  Patric Stillman ( homepage )

04/05/2015 * 13:45:25

Congratulations to Kathleen A. Maclaughlin for being a part of The Studio Door's premiere 50 TO WATCH !


  Eva Marie

03/17/2015 * 11:24:55

Great work! Love it,thank you for your support!


  Marji Cramer

10/17/2014 * 20:19:53

Great site Hazel! I'm sorry to say this is the first time I've looked at it. I'm thinking about joining you,but it will have to be a little longer before I can.


  Rick Hayes ( homepage )

10/15/2014 * 02:25:44

Your encaustic paintings by B.J. Mulvey are stunning. I have looked a them here on your galleries, since I missed the opening for her work. But I must get up to Ramona and see these.



09/23/2012 * 20:50:25

wonderful works here


  Annie Steiner ( homepage )

02/07/2012 * 14:01:21

Your latest Siamese cat portrait is stunning! I used to have 2 little brothers, and your pastel reminded me of them. The light in your cat's blue eyes is full of depth.


  David Stanley

09/01/2011 * 07:14:30

Your paintings have an unsettling quality. One looks "into" rather than "at" them and is totally absorbed. I walk away only to return time after time. The techniques grasp the viewer and shake them, saying, "Look closely at me! LOOK!". The pieces are not photographic but so nearly so that one stands in awe. Thank you for showing us what a real artist can produce.


  lauren silvers ( homepage )

05/31/2011 * 17:12:35

love mr. bojangles. cats are my fav.


  Jennifer Meeder ( homepage )

01/30/2011 * 14:04:35

For any beginning artist to the professional artist:
Foothills Art Assocation, La Mesa, CA is a great group to join. They encourage the amatuer artists with afforable classes, art demonstrations, and showcase members' artwork in a beautiful gallery. The friendships I have made here will last me a lifetime. 2-thumbs up!


  marudhachalam mani ( homepage )

09/24/2010 * 15:30:03



  Chuck ( homepage )

09/12/2010 * 00:39:00

Really enjoyed myself at the 9.2.10 demo! Thank you again for inviting me back as often as you all do... C~


  Laura Bell ( homepage )

08/06/2010 * 12:26:25

THANK YOU SO MUCH, HAZEL! Fantastic art you have up - it's all amazing!


  Diane Ludwig

06/03/2010 * 20:17:07

The gallery looks fab! Hazel deserves a gole star for such a great looking site. Everyone's paintings look wonderful on the internet.


  Mike Hoctor

05/11/2010 * 10:28:26

Looking good!


  Diane Ludwi

05/08/2010 * 00:13:20

Way to go, Hazel. Your rhino and Bojangles look great. Jean's painting is eye catching.

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