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Scottish Wildcats in Danger

by Foothills , December 2, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Wildlife, endangered species, pastel, show

This painting won the Mayor's Choice Award in the recent "Masters of Moment " show in El Cajon California. There are only about 400 of the pure bred wildcats left and they have been declared an endangered species. They have been hunted to near extinction as their territories have shrunk. In addition interbreeding with feral cats has reduced the strain.




  Susan ( homepage )

09/25/2013 * 01:18:45

Hi Hazel, It's a very nice painting. Is this your work?Any more paintings available? Thanks.


  Louis Vuitton Replica ( homepage )

03/23/2012 * 04:24:44

which Italian affected do you fit into


  Hazel Ross ( homepage )

06/15/2011 * 11:12:23

Happy to announce that this Scottish wildcat has found a happy home. He is to be purchased as a surprise Christmas gift by a friend for a friend

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