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Recycled Rhino

by Foothills , May 19, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Wildlife collage recycle

This piece was created for a Wildlife in Art Show in California. I wanted to combine a threatened species with a "green " theme. There was a heap of discarded NGMs in our clubhouse library so I decided to "recycle" them! It took about three weeks and 37 magazines to assemble and made the most amazing mess in my apartment! I worked on a three value drawing on black Canson paper... and I have never gotten around to counting the number of animals in the picture... but the nostril of the beast is the birth canal of a male seahorse! Collage created from recycled National Geographic magazines.

This piece is now showing for the month of September in the Foothills Gallery La Mesa




  Hazel Ross ( homepage )

05/15/2011 * 13:00:49

This piece will be on dislpay at the Rancho San Diego Library during the month of June. It was recently featured in the Community Arts program on Cox 23 San Diego as an example of recycled art


  Hazel Ross ( homepage )

02/17/2011 * 10:56:29

This piece is currently on show at the San Carlos Library San Diego until 3rd March when it will move to the Grossmont Hospital Community Library, La Mesa until June when it is scheduled to go to the Rancho San Diego Library. Cards of this piece are available.


  Diane Ludwig

10/30/2010 * 23:41:15

Hazel, it is one of my favorite painting! I'm glad it didn't go on a walkabout

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