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Summer Warren About

My art incorperates classical style with modern appeal. Figures and classic sculptures are my favorite subject. When I create drawings, I am usually more detailed, but my paintings are more for me to go with the flow. I am also hired to create portraits and murals for people. My unique style is very versatile to my clients needs with my personal technique. 3 comments


I was was born in Redwood City, California in the San Francisco Bay area. I have been an artist my whole life. Since I was 3 years old, this was the only passion I had. Most of my art were drawings even though I have experience in a variety of mediums. My inspiration comes from many things. I appreciate the beauty in everything including nature and the human form. I have a passion for the old world style and have a fondness for fantasy art and mythology. I find a fascination in ancient history and culture. The classical art of master artists stimulate me. My main focal point was attention to detail. Throughout the years, I had learned not to be a perfectionist in my drawings. I discovered that there are no mistakes, just another direction. I am always learning and growing. I have also enjoyed dabbling in digital art as well as starting jewelry making and design. I love manipulating and experimenting with different metals. My visions and ideas continue to grow in all my endeavors. My fearlessness and willingness to take creative risks push my conceptual boundaries.


645 Fern Drive
Merritt Island
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