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Lynn Gettman About

Lynn G is available for commissions, events, and exhibits to name a few... Add Comment


The Lynn G Gallery

The Lynn G Gallery is Lynn Gettman. Lynn in an assortment of ways of has been practicing and studying art her entire life. She considers herself to be a self-taught artist. She got her first SLR camera at the age of 13. However, Lynn did study Radio/TV production at a university in the Pacific Northwest. During this time, she often took design, painting, drawing and photography courses as electives.

In the early 2000__™s Lynn discovered photoshop 6 and it changed the way she will do art forever. Now, Lynn owns the CS3 pro master suite and is by far a staple in her production process as well as Canon cameras from the Powershot S5 IS to the EOS series.

In 2004, Lynn joined the California Army National Guard as a military journalist. She has been on 2 short deployments as well as 1 California State deployment. In the Army, Lynn has the opportunity to take pictures and write stories worldwide. When Lynn is not working as a military journalist, she works in the security dept at a major film studio in Los Angeles.

Lynn resides in West Los Angeles, and beyond the jobs listed above, runs her own website & store that focuses on her projects. At the urging of an Army Buddy, Lynn started exhibiting her art work around Los Angeles. Lynn averages 2 to 3 shows a month.

Lynn has an assortment of work available, however she is also available for commissions, special orders, and photography sessions to name a few services. You can learn more about Lynn by following the below listed links: or my myspace


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