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Fergie Davis - Internet Marketer

Promoting home materials like the tiki torches online has never been easy for Fergie given the fact that a lot of internet marketers are doing the same. The only asset that she has in getting more buyers is her reliability and the identity of her company. She always makes posts dealing with the buyers guide in online shopping and how to get the most out of what they usually buy. This serves as one avenue for a lot of buyers to share their experiences relative to home decoration and protection. In turn, the insights of the clients serve as basis for Hanna to implement new marketing strategies that could easily attract online shoppers. Indeed, she is successful in doing that as she was able to generate more leads and sales for the company.

Company Information


It means a good revenue for the Buytikitorches that always ensures clients' satisfaction with the tiki lamps, patio heaters, and party lights. The company is specialized in selling these products and in giving the clients advantages with the discounts and promos. Not only that, it also makes sure that the clients will be having an ideal online shopping experience through the interactive site that the company has. On the site, the buyers can see the wide array of options they can choose from, and make orders if they so desire.

Check tiki lifestyle experience blog to know more about this company. Enjoy reading their posts and keep yourself updated.

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