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Faune Yerby Wild Flowers

Queens Ann LaceBlue RosesWild FlowersStatuePink Roses
Wild Flowers
23" x 56"
$200.00 Purchase

Wild Flowers

This quilt is collection of fabrics gathered over a long period of time. Collage is my favorite art medium and I love textiles and have a weakness for fabrics, so I just buy them and figure out later what they are suppose to be. There is a large array of fabric types,textures, patterns in this quilt. The pattern is modeled after the "crazy quilt" no organized pattern or theme. Also I like to include a silk screen or orginal cynotype photo print in the mix,. I am really inspired by "The Gee's Bend Quilts", I saw a show at The Whitney Museum of Art and they look like abstract fabric paintings. This quilt can used as decorative accent to a bed or table and maybe a back of a couch. Each piece is backed with a solid piece of cotton fabic, there is NO stuffing inside. Some of the pieces are vintage or brand new but have a vintage pattern. The types of fabric- cotton,silk, velvet, linen.