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Lindsay Cheesewright Art Blog

The Beauty of Art

by FaerieMajikk , August 30, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Artwork, beauty, cosmetics, faerie, faeriemajikk, fairy, fantasy, figurative, funding, licensing, marketing, painting, project, promoting, self representing artists

How often do you, your friends, wives or girlfriends purchase bath and body products such as body butter, perfume, cologne and lotions?

I would say the Majority!

Out of the majority how many of you buy products that help to sustain the work of self representing artists?

I would say the Minority!

I have been working on a range of bath and body products that will help self representing artists as well as offer customers a beautiful range of products that do NOT contain parabens or other harsh chemicals that is often found in mass produced beauty products.

Scent By Faeries is to be a small business that will offer perfumes,lotions,scrubs and more as the business grows. The Art of many emerging self representing artists will be printed on the labels of these products. Initially my art will be on the products, but as the business grows I will be able to offer exciting licensing opportunities for emerging self representing fantasy artists.

Currently i have just finished the testing stage of my first range of products: Perfume Oils Body Butter Goats Milk Lotion

I have been testing these for almost 3 months, on myself and friends/family NOT tested on Animals NOT tested on Faeries either ;)

The response has been amazing as I have had orders already!

to contribute to this project:

Those who contribute to the funding will be gifted with fantastic products including open edition and Limited edition prints, original art, gift packs plus a lot more!

Please help me to dispel the Starving Artist myth.



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