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People May Shop online But they actually LIVE OFF-line!

by FaerieMajikk , February 1, 2009—11:17 PM

Topics: 2009, Artwork, advertising, business, fantasy, marketing, promoting

I think that I am like a lot of other artists selling online, I tend to forget that there is a life OFF line too. I have spent a lot of time marketing and promoting my art online, through twitter, facebook and a variety of other places.

So this is certainly one of my goals for 2009, to promote and market as much as I can off line as well.

I think it could be even more beneficial, that way I could have people coming directly to me from my promotions, not just from stumbling on my art.

I live in a small country town in Australia where a lot of art that is depicted is bush landscapes and kangaroos etc. With someone who like me is a fantasy artist it is hard to find a target audience, but they must be out there so I am going to make it one of my main goals...find my target audience in my area.

Who else promotes their online business off line, what are your best ways to do this? love to know



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