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Lindsay Cheesewright Art Blog

Bronte - OOAK Agell Art doll

by FaerieMajikk , January 31, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Artwork, angel, fantasy, figurative, ooak, polymerclay, puresculpt


Have you ever fallen in love so deeply, so truely that you knew your heart would simply break if anything were to happen to that love, a perfect love that knew no boundaries. Brontes story is just that, a story of love so strong and pure that it really only belongs in Fairy Tales. Bronte, a Mortal woman fell in love with an angel - Archah, an immortal creature. It was a love that could not be destined, the Elders of Archah's world had fobidden their relationship, it was atheir belief that humans and creatures from their world did not interact, they did not communicate and certainly did not fall in love.

so as you see in the images, Bronte sits within a circle, lit by candles. She sews wings to her back to remain with her angel - Archah, she bites her lip as she holds back tears, attempting to transform herself into an angel also. whether she is holding the tears from physical pain or at the emotional pain she would feel if she ever lost Archah is unclear

This is a beautiful story, how a true yet forbidden love can go beyond any boundaries that have been laid down before them. a love beyond all reason. Bronte is willing to sacrifice everything for love because she knows that it is true, that it is pure.

About Bronte's Creation ...

Bronte is a moulds have been used to create her and no moulds have been taken of her, she is OOAK and will never be duplicated. Height- 11 cm excluding her base Hair is made from Mohair and hase been curled Wings - Made from strong wire, Feathers and Aves apoxie Sculpt... she has been handpainted using Genesis Heat Set Oils. eyes are inserted and are amber coloured glass diamonte for a little sparkle.



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